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About Us

The Owl Pamphlet is a high school journalism club focused on enlightening, informing, and connecting others through writing. We write journalism on a multitude of important, fun, and interesting topics through a student's lens. The Owl Pamphlet is dedicated to improvement and providing a better experience to both its members and readers. 

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Our Story

The club started off as just five friends who were interested in writing. While we may not have known it at the time, we were all passionate about writing and were ready to try something different. With enough determination, blessing, and support from our friends and family, we finally got the club up and running. While we are a modest and small club, we worked hard to deliver on our vision of quality journalism and entertaining writing.

Our first year of writing was both productive and enlightening. There were many problems, but also many victories. We have taken these lessons and have adapted accordingly. We could not have kept writing and reached where we are without our support. So, thank you. We hope you stick with us and continue to soar through life.

Heads of the Club

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