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Black Day: Celebrating Singlehood


Unlike in most parts of the world, Koreans celebrate heart’s day, not once, not twice, but thrice.

On February 14th, Korean lovers celebrate Valentine's day just like everybody else. On this day, women give chocolate to the men they like. This is pretty much the most similar celebration they have to the universal Valentine’s day.

On March 14th, Koreans celebrate “White Day.” On this day, men give candy to the women they like. In most cases, this is the men’s response to the women’s gifts that they received on Valentine’s day.

Now you must be wondering what the third day is for, and your guess might be right, too. Yes, it is for those who are single.

On April 14th, those who remain single after the two heart’s days celebrate. This day is called “Black Day.” The name was given as most of the single people who celebrate this day wear black clothes and eat noodles with black bean sauce called jjajangmyeon.

Some say that Black Day came about because the opposite of white is black, so as the couples celebrate happily on White day, singles sulk in their loneliness on Black Day. Another theory is that black is the color of coal, which represents the burnt hearts of the lonely single people celebrating Black day.


Traditionally, this day was celebrated by single people who lack luck in relationships. Jjajangmyeon is a comfort food in South Korea. This is why Koreans who celebrate the Black Day eat this food to console their lonely lives. However, in our modern times, this day is mostly celebrated to embrace singlehood. There isn’t much pressure about being single nowadays, and in most cases, singlehood becomes a matter of choice already. In fact, based on recent statistics, 42% of Koreans in their 30s prefer to be single.

Just like what Miley Cyrus said in her hit song Flowers, “I can buy my own flowers,” so cheers to all the single people in the world! Remember that self-love is also a kind of love, and it is always better to be single than be in a toxic relationship.

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