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Completions and Salutations

As of the time we are writing this, in a few days, our batch is going to finish Grade 10, yet this means not only the end of just another school year but the end of a season in our lives - the end of junior high.

Though we were all looking forward to going through the junior high experience together, as we are all aware, “unforeseen circumstances” have challenged our plans and expectations, and have forced us into an online schooling setup. Nevertheless, we held on to hope that it would all soon come to an end. We waited, patient and expectant, for that announcement of our return to the regular, face-to-face setup. What was said to be a few days-wait turned into a week, the week turned into a few weeks, the few weeks turned into a few months, which then turned into the entire school year. Now here we are, completing junior high school without seeing all of our batchmates in person. This may leave us all dissatisfied, but let us take the time to reminisce and recount the memorable moments of our short, yet sweet time together in junior high.

Batch 2024, this one is for you.

In spite of our batch’s fair share of conflicts and petty quarrels, we still had very good and memorable moments of unity, friendship, and celebration with one another. These memorable moments include the games our batch would often play together. Mafia and Cowboy were always our go-to games we played during our free time. Playing these games would often devolve into chaos and plenty of laughter.

A lot of our batch’s unforgettable moments have also come from our playdays. There would always be people running around the gym playing physical sports from football to ultimate frisbee to volleyball (on occasion) while others would just choose to remain in the bleachers to the side of the school’s gym, playing cards, talking to their friends, cramming homework, and doing last-minute studying for their upcoming quizzes. Afterwards, people would come back to their classrooms, all sweaty, which would often be met with complaints from both our teachers and fellow classmates. Indeed, playday was always one of the most anticipated times of the week for our batch, and the special moments from this special day will forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds.

Another iconic moment from our junior high school experience would be the English Playfest season. From speech chorale to plays, there was never a dull moment in our batch during this time. Although getting everyone to participate and cooperate during rehearsals and preparations was difficult (to say the least), our batch still managed to come together under a common goal and pull through in the end. Seeing all of our hardwork and dedication pay off in such a beautiful way was very meaningful and fulfilling for all of us.

To batch 2024, congratulations for making it through junior high! Through the many ups and downs, twists and turns, we still managed to make it through. The feeling may be bittersweet to many, as a lot of us will be leaving without seeing each other as classmates in person for one last time, the memories we shared together will always be near and dear to our hearts. As a final message to the batch, we would like to say thank you. Without all of you, we would not be the people we are today. All of us have our own unique wishes, ambitions, talents and skill sets. Though our batch may never look the same again, let us continue to push each other and encourage one another to be the best people we can possibly be, striving to reach our hopes and dreams.

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