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Disturbing Scenes That Ruin Your Childhood

Disney movies are something you have watched as a kid, and even until now. As we all know, most of these movies revolve around fantasy as well as some true love stories. Well, once we grow out of this stage, we might notice some inappropriate scenes most kids do not understand ranging from different indecent jokes to sensitive topics that small children shouldn’t know about yet.

Let’s start the list with Disney’s animated film, Aladdin. There is a scene near the end of the film where after exposing Aladdin’s true identity, Jafar forces Jasmine to serve him as if he was the sultan. Aladdin then comes to rescue her, and that’s when Jasmine starts to act “seductive” towards Jafar to serve as a distraction. Kids probably wouldn’t pay attention to it but then Jasmine kisses Jafar. Now, that's a scene nobody wants younger audiences to see. Jafar realizes it was a trick, and in anger, proceeds to trap Jasmine into an hourglass. This whole sequence of events may be very inappropriate for children because it may teach them deceit.

Up next we have Pinocchio, one of Disney’s first-ever movies which was released in 1940. Now from the looks of the movie, you can already see how dark it is. Some examples include Pinocchio being kidnapped and threatened to be killed. It also shows Pinocchio smoking and drinking beer in Pleasure Island even though he is still a little boy. On top of that, it’s also implied that the donkeys who were enslaved were once little boys and got punished for doing grown-up actions, that’s why Pinocchio started turning into a donkey. These scenes can be upsetting for some kids and can build up different fears in their minds.

Peter Pan, another classic Disney movie, was released in 2003. There’s a scene where a man grabs Wendy in the throat as he shoots two men while the children scream. The women in the movie except for Wendy are bad role models for small girls. They are rude, mean, angry, jealous, and sometimes a bit provocative just to get Peter Pan’s attention and he still ignores them. This might cause young girls to think that they have to try so hard to get a guy’s attention and that should never be the case. There is also a scene that shows Peter Pan and Micheal taking part in smoking from a pipe with the "engines" and it's said to be very racist towards native Americans. Also, the Dad bullies his kids, wife, and dog; the pirates bully Smee; the lost boys are plain to mean to each other; the mermaids gang up on Wendy, taunt her and try to hurt her. Despite all this, Peter Pan laughs, which might make kids think that bullying and discriminating is okay.

Another popular movie that is very exciting to watch is The Incredibles. It was released in 2004. At the start of the movie, there was a scene where a man was about to jump off a building. It was pretty obvious that the man was trying to commit suicide because the crowd that was watching the man cried out saying, “he’s going to jump” and we all know that this part was somewhat needed, but kids could also question themselves on why someone didn’t want to be saved or why the would want to die.

Last but not the least, we have Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This isn’t a Disney movie, but we just decided to add it here to prove a point. It’s a classic movie whose book you probably have read in one of your book reports. The movie itself was well designed and had a lot of detail in it, but there are a few things that do make it disturbing for children to watch. While Willy Wonka was touring his chocolate factory to the children and their parents, you could see that almost all the children were met with terrible accidents. Now at first, it doesn't seem too disturbing but if you look at it again, Wonka was unusually happy about those accidents and didn’t care less about those children until it came to his attention that Charlie was the only one left. It makes it look like Willy Wonka was a huge sadist because of how happy he looked when these accidents did occur.

Disney movies will always have the reputation of being children’s movies, so it’s surprising that filmmakers would even allow these scenes to be a part of the final cut. No matter how subtle these little snippets may be, there will always be the people who notice, and when this information spreads, it puts Disney movies in a bad light. On the flip side, the creators may have just wanted to add a little spice. With that being said, we don’t mean to say that Disney movies should be banned from young boys and girls, but we do want to say that even these films should be watched with proper parental guidance. These short yet inappropriate moments should teach parents to be more aware and responsible to teach children why those things are bad and shouldn’t be followed. Added to that, they should also remind people our age and even older to be careful of what we watch and how we let it affect and influence our thoughts.



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