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Helios’ Past Favored (Helianthus)


It was all an illusion. A trick of the sunlight, in the summer heat. When snow falls, so do her petals. When the cold arrives, so does reality.

Author’s Note:


“Sunflower Girl” faked childhood happiness. She pretended that her childhood/youth was full of joy. But, as she grew older, she got tired of faking it. She lost the people (‘abandoned by your apollo’) who gave her strength, and gave up. Everyone thought she was happy, everyone though she was beautiful, golden, glowing. She was a good actress.


sunflower girl,

everything about you

engulfed in gold

doused in sunlight

every summer filled with you

and your blinding radiance

standing tall among others

captivating all with blonde petals

sunflower girl,

winter came

and you fell apart

once bright colors, paled

abandoned by your apollo

in the cold and snow

sunflower girl,

where did you go?

what a brief light you had

a mirage of gold

to mask your wilt

an illusion of joy

cut short

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