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Korea’s Weird Food, if you dare..

Every country has their own unique delicacy for the world to taste, and Korea is no different. The country is a home for unusual dishes that you might find strange and unappealing, but one thing’s for sure: they are a must-try!

‘Sundae’, or blood sausage, refers to a cow or pig’s intestines that are either steamed or boiled and stuffed with pig’s blood and other ingredients. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind sausage!

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‘Sannakji’, or live octopus, refers to the tentacles of octopus, served raw, or sometimes drizzled with sesame oil. Since it is raw, you can actually feel the tentacles moving in your mouth!


‘Geabul’, also known as ‘penis fish’, is not actually a fish, but a species of marine spoon worm. It got its name from its look that resembles the male genital area. This popular delicacy is served raw or with savory sauce and is considered an aphrodisiac!


‘Dakttongjip’, translated as “chicken’s poop house,” refers to a chicken gizzard. This chewy delicacy has the reputation of contributing to healthy skin. Its taste closely resembles the taste of chicken liver. You might want to forget what part it really is to enjoy the food.

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‘Bundaegi’ is a popular street food in Korea. These are steamed or boiled silkworms that have a crunchy texture and taste like boiled peanuts. If you’re up for some insects, ‘bundaegi’ is worth a try!

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‘Boshintang’, or dog-meat soup, is yes, made from dog meat. Dog meat is the 4th most commonly consumed meat next to beef, chicken, and pork in the country. Seasoned usually with green onions and perilla leaves, this dish is popular for boosting stamina.


‘Hongeo’ is the Korean word for skate. A skate is a kind of fish that releases its urine through its skin! Koreans ferment skates in their own urine to make ‘hongeo’. This dish has the top spot for the smelliest food in Korea, which people describe as possessing the combined smell of an untended public toilet and dirty laundry for days!


‘Malgogi’ means horsemeat. This is a true delicacy in Jeju Island. It can be served raw, grilled, or in sushi form. Horsemeat is a healthier option for Koreans instead of beef as it not only tastes good, but it also has less fat content.

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Korea is indeed a home country with a lot of exciting dishes to offer. Foodies are sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience with these unique delicacies. It might just be a good day to start trying one now.

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