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Learn To Change


Life is filled with change and I just wanna talk about the fear of it and the goodness of it.

Author’s Note:

I always had thoughts on change and how people are scared of big changes cause of how bad they can be at times, but I want to show people thought or idea that they can be good if we learn to change alongside them. It was a thought that stuck with me for a while now.


I wanna start this out by saying that change is scary. When you live a life you live with a routine of sorts. You have your normal day with little to no change. But when change happens, it can be somewhat jarring and scary. We aren’t used to the change and so don’t know how to feel about it. I want to tell you all that it’s alright. Being scared of change is normal and it’s good to be scared and aware of the change.

But you shouldn’t fear it forever because change is important in life. Without change, life is meaningless at times because why should life be monotonous. Life is about new experiences and making new memories. So those who are scared of change, let me try something that might help you get over your fear of change.

I want you to imagine your everyday life. Think of your usual routine and that nothing changes, it's a day that isn’t particularly boring but it's not exciting. It’s a normal day that nothing interesting happens but now think of the next day and now everything is different, everything goes wrong and there’s very little to be happy about that day, that change in your routine.

It sucks, doesn’t it? To think how bad your day got because of change, that’s what people are scared about with change, it’s unusual to them, it feels weird to see or feel the change.

But think of the next day change happens again, but this time it’s in your favor. Your day goes well, it's fun, it’s exciting, it’s not bad or boring or even good, it’s a great day, even with the changes. Change can be good and is good. With the change, we learn new experiences and new knowledge of us as people. We grow as people with change. Change can be good and bad, it can hurt and heal. Change is nature, we are a part of nature, and nature is ever-changing.

So to live a fulfilling life we need to learn to change, learn to be like nature, and go with it. One last imagining of a day, This day has changed, but there is still routine, but change is there, small with bad and good, but it makes for an interesting day where you learn things about people and yourself.

Change is scary, but you don’t have to be scared of it because it leads to growth. Change is growing and the stop of growth, with change something new begins and something old dies, but that's life and something we need to accept.

I have no real advice for you in learning to handle change because that’s for you to make yourself, but the best thing I can say to you is that if change happens, learn to not change along with it. If your routine changes, learn to empower yourself to change alongside it and make it empower you more.

Life is full of change and routine. We can break it or we can go along with it. It’s our choice in the end, but I want to leave you with this idea in mind.

Learn to Change

Learn to Live

- Loki

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