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Mayari’s Online Playfest

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables, Hamilton, you name it! Whether it be working on a school play or driving all the way to Solaire to watch a musical, so many people, young and old alike, have a huge interest when it comes to theater. It’s absolutely beautiful to watch every little detail-- acting, lights, music, and more - come together to form a well put-together production.

Because of the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it may be saddening to a lot of people (including us writers here at the Owl Pamphlet) that theaters are closed down due to safety protocols. The annually anticipated English Playfest at ICS has been cancelled as well this year for the same reason. However, while these limitations may seem extremely difficult to overcome, plays can still be watched even in a season like this-- and this is exactly what ICS’ very own club, Mayari, has been working on!

If you didn’t already know, Mayari is a club that is dedicated to raising awareness to various social issues through online plays. The club’s goal is more than just to be entertaining; rather, its aim is to be educational. Its three branches, the Acting Branch, the Scriptwriting Branch, and the Editing Branch, all work as one to piece its projects together, and it has all prepared for their biggest event thus far as a club. Introducing... the Mayari Play Month!

This May, Mayari will be streaming two online plays live-- one on May 7 and the other on May 14. These two Fridays will show us the stories that the club members have wonderfully created, and they are entitled Broken Promises and Breaking News.

Directed by Elise Molina and written by Kelsi Go and Jianna Dy, Broken Promises tells the story of two sisters, Mia and Sam and their many struggles as a result of their mother’s alcoholism. Life is uncertain for these girls, so this play will definitely be a journey that the watchers will go through with them. Catch Marielle Tan star in Broken Promises on May 7 at 8pm!

A week later, on May 14, Mayari will be airing another play in which Mav Pangan stars as a journalist named Connor. Written and directed by Elise Molina, Breaking News tackles the dark side of journalism and how it can powerfully manipulate the minds of the masses. This play will also be shown at 8pm on that day, so make sure to watch it live!

As it is also our club’s desire to inform, we, the Owl Pamphlet, are in full support of Mayari’s mission to make known the difficulties that so many people globally have to go through. Two plays may not seem like a lot, but the members of Mayari have worked hard to guarantee that both plays will leave a big impact on everyone who watches. We strongly urge everyone who reads this article to make time on these Friday nights to watch these plays. That way, each one can learn to act and to be a catalyst for change in society, no matter how young they may be.

*Follow Mayari’s social media pages for more details and updates!



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