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Pink is the color of hope.

“Pink is the color of hope.”

Pink is associated with Vice President Leni Roberedo, who filed her candidacy and is now one of the most popular of the 97 presidential aspirants. Many, including celebrities, have shown their love and support for her through social media with the hashtag, “LetLeniLead2022” and by wearing vibrant pink hues in different shades. But what exactly makes her so popular?

She is resilient.

Even with a very limited budget appropriated to the Office of the Vice President, Robredo and her team were able to mobilize effective programs and raise private financial support for programs that address COVID-19-related situations and other programs such as Bayan E-Skwela.

Seeing how hardworking she has been and how she was able to pull off her programs with little funding, I can now see why many want her to lead our nation. She was able to make do with what little she had. Considering how the government is leading our country now during this time of pandemic, it’s not quite hard to see how much the Filipinos are longing and yearning for a change in the political aspect of our country. From the apparent slow distribution roll out of vaccines to the controversies surrounding financial aid distribution and questionable pandemic-related purchases, there seems to be a growing clamor for genuine change on how things should be done.

A far cry from the other side of the fence.

She is a genuine opposition.

Given the growing frustrations regarding this current government, Leni Robredo personifies a genuine opposition stand that none of the other presidential candidates has. Many of the other presidential candidates had been previously aligned under the current president, but from the very start, she took a stand as an opposition. I believe that she is more than brave to be in the opposition given the risks and backlash it entails. She’s been a recipient of harsh criticisms and below-the-belt accusations. This simply shows her consistency and role in the democratic process wherein this government needs to have checks and balances. Every democratic government needs to be checked as part of the ideals of good governance. Having a genuine opposition keeps the government on its toes that would enable it to focus on things that truly matter.

She is radiant.

So many have criticized her, but she still exudes radiance, which is something I deeply admire about her. For someone still learning how to disregard hurtful criticism, this was somewhat inspirational in a sense. Duterte and government officials have hurled hurtful, misogynistic comments at her while calling her rude names at the same time. But, seeing how undeterred she looks is eye-opening especially when she was attacked and got called “lugaw”, it seems like she even embraced it as she served the rice porridge at her candidacy filing.

In essence, I believe that VP Leni can be described with the acronym 'RGR'.

She’s resilient, she’s a genuine opposition, and she’s radiant.

What do you think? Can someone with those three qualities become a leader that this country desperately needs? Your opinion is as important as mine.

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