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Proud in Pink

Disclaimer: The following article and the stances included do not represent the entirety of The Owl Pamphlet. All opinions expressed belong to the writer.

“Why are you supporting her? Hindi naman ‘yan mananalo eh.” I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard this from several people around me. Is that how shallow and narrow-minded some have become? Do we just join the bandwagon and simply vote for whoever is winning? I think it is high time for us to vote for someone who deserves to win. We need a leader that the Philippines can count on—someone who is present, genuine, honest, and competent, and someone who gives us hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.

This article is long overdue, but it is better late than never to say that I believe na #KulayRosasAngBukas. Although I am not yet of age to vote and not allowed to join rallies, I stand with my fellow Filipino countrymen who believe that Leni is the leader that the Philippines needs and deserves. Words are powerful, so, I am going to put mine to good use. Here is why I support Leni and why you should, too!

Leni is present

Now, the word “present” can mean many things. It is already known that Leni goes the extra mile to attend all meetings, debates, and hearings no matter the circumstance she is facing. However, the main thing that I would like to highlight is how present she is with the people. She genuinely cares about the Filipino people and has their best interests at heart. Leni is not all talk, but she is a woman that takes action.

An example of this would be the Angat Buhay program that she established back in 2016. According to Raymund Antonio, a writer for Manila Bulletin, “The Angat Buhay program, which was launched in October 2016, focuses on six key advocacy areas, namely: public education, rural development, food security and nutrition, women empowerment, universal healthcare, and housing and resettlement.” This program has also been a big help during these past two years because it was utilized as a way to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leni genuinely tries her best to reach out to the different communities of the Philippines, and I think that is one of the main reasons she is the most qualified candidate. The program itself has stayed true to its name because it aims to alleviate and elevate the lives of the Filipino people, and that is exactly what it has done. Angat Buhay has assisted over 600,000 families and counting all over the Philippines. In my opinion, this is one of Leni’s greatest legacies so far. A people person is great, but having a people president is even better.

Leni is genuine and honest

As someone who has not voted yet, I believe that two things people should look for in a president are character and a clean track record. Luckily, Leni Robredo has both! The way she handles herself is truly impeccable and shows everyone why she deserves to be trusted with the presidential role of the Philippines.

Some would argue that Leni would get eaten alive in the political world because of her decency and lack of foul play. Because of her clean track record and honesty, some people choose to believe that she is too weak to run and come out on top. However, I beg to disagree. It is actually quite inane to use this as a reason not to vote for her. Others would say she lacks diskarte (political wit), but I think she possesses two traits that other presidential candidates do not have, and that is common decency and fair play.

Shouldn’t this give us all the more reason to vote for Leni? I simply do not understand why people wouldn't consider that as a trait they would want in a leader. Sure, stepping on others to get ahead may seem like strength, but I think both strength and bravery mean doing the right thing at the right time. Like what Leni said herself in one of her interviews, “Kung katapangan lang naman, hindi ito nakikita sa gender. Nakikita ito kung paano ka nagdedesisyon sa maraming aspeto sa iyong buhay.” It may seem strategic for most to choose donees who are in “vote-rich” areas, and this is not new at all in the Philippine political world; however, it is important to note that Leni Robredo is not like that. She does not just choose those in “vote-rich” areas to be her main beneficiaries; but instead, she reaches out to those who really need it most.

Leni, not engaging with the dirty plays and strategies of other presidential candidates, just shows that she could care less about the title or power. The only thing she truly cares about is using her position for the greater good, and this shows through her words, actions, and principles.

Leni is competent

Leni Robredo definitely shone ever since she entered politics but even more so during the pandemic. All of the laws she passed and the programs she implemented over the past few years are truly remarkable. Her efficient pandemic response has gone a long way because she led the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines (OVP) with a clear direction. Not only that, but she has also received the highest audit rating from the Commission on Audit (COA) for three years. Through these, she has shown her effectiveness as a servant leader.

The Swab Cab project is one of Leni’s most famous programs during the pandemic. It was clear that the Philippines lacked the proper equipment and facilities to conduct COVID-19 testings. According to Raymund Antonio, a writer for Manila Bulletin, “This project aimed to provide “testing support” to risky communities or areas with high COVID-19 transmission at infection rates.” Around Php 11 million was allotted for the testing kits, and the ‘swab cabs’ were located in areas such as Quezon City, Naga, Marikina City, Malabon, and more.

Another one of the programs she launched during the pandemic is the Vaccine Express. It aimed to further encourage and expand the vaccination projects of the government. She brought this to Pasig City, Quezon City, Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Camarines Sur, and more. Her efforts did not go to waste because 45,896 people were able to get vaccinated.

It is needless to say that Leni has the credibility to run for president, for she has a legislative background and has achieved many things ever since she entered politics. She worked hard and passed several laws such as: the Republic Act 10646 – Charter of the Quezon City Development Authority, Republic Act 10661 – National Children’s Month Act, Republic Act 10708 or The Tax Incentives Management and Transparency Act (TIMTA), and more.

Pink is my favorite color

The COVID-19 pandemic has honestly made me lose hope for almost everything—myself, my community, and most especially my country. However, the color pink has sparked a sense of anticipation and excitement for me. Pink is not only pretty, but it exudes strength, femininity, and gracefulness, much like the presidential candidate representing it. I have never seen a color and a candidate that is brighter than Leni.

I have been fearful about what is to come for our country, but now, I am not so scared anymore because the possibility of Leni leading gives me hope. Leni has been our vice president for the past few years, and she has been doing great. I say we should take the next step and help her get the position that she truly deserves. Our country has been looking a little dull lately, so I believe it is time for us to add a pop of color to brighten the lives of every Filipino, specifically the color pink. To be completely honest, pink has always been one of my favorite colors, but it is ten times more meaningful now. Pink is the color that I want to see emerge, clear as day, on May 9, 2022 and onwards. Si Leni Robredo ang presidente ko.

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