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The Possibility of Alert Level 0 in the Philippines

Lately, there has been a lot of news about the infection rate of COVID going down or the number of positive cases decreasing. It’s because of this that the discussion of the Philippines going on alert level 0 has started. Some countries have already dropped to alert level 0 while others have also been considering it.

The government and several organizations have been discussing the possibility of the Philippines transitioning to alert level 0 due to the number of COVID cases and deaths dropping, and the new variant seeming to be less dangerous as well. According to the Metro Manila Development Authority, the National Capital Region’s seventeen cities and municipalities are ready for the alert level to drop to zero since the risk is going down. Several public schools have already begun face-to-face classes, and other schools are discussing the idea and preparing for the possibility of it.

Aside from the Philippines, other countries have also been discussing the possibility of partially returning to normal life or the possibility of lowering the alert level. Several countries, an example being Sweden, have stopped testing people for COVID as often since the infection rate seems much lower now. Countries, such as Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Germany, and more have also cut down on their travel restrictions, making travel more convenient, and indicating a chance that the virus poses less of a threat.

Despite all the changes and discussions of returning to normal or COVID being less dangerous, these are mostly speculations, and while it’s good to have hope, we should all continue to be careful and stay safe. It certainly would be nice to return to normal, and for the danger of infection to come to an end. Regardless of this though, there are still many possibilities of what might happen in the future, so we must wait and see.



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