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Privacy Policy

Collecting Data

We collect your data through WIX analytics and cookies. It checks how many users check our website and how many check our articles. It tells us where the clicks come from and how long a person stays on our site. The website also uses Google Adsense meaning google may place cookies and gather general information on you. To learn more about how Google uses your data, use this link: If you sign-in to our website, your email is seen by administrators and website goers. 

Using Data

We do not sell the data collected by wix to others. We keep all these analytics to ourselves to better understand who we are writing for and how we can continue to market. A majority of the data is ignored but we take into consideration the number of people coming and going. We may use contact info to contact you. However, Google uses your data to better tailor your online experience. Again, refer to the link above for more information about Google's data policies.


We now use Google AdSense in order to better support our website and take steps towards a more sustainable project. In light of this, the website may contain tailored ads. While the Owl Pamphlet may control to a small extent the content you may encounter on your advertisements, a majority of this is handled beyond the club's control, by Google. In addition to this, the Club may have articles promoting a certain product, organization, advocacy, etc. Articles will be explicit when advertising a product, organization, advocacy, etc.

Giving Data

You can choose whether to give us data or not by either clicking the accept policy or not. When you entered the site, you will receive a pop-up to either accept or decline. Accepting allows us to view the analytics seen above, otherwise, we will not be able to. You have the choice whether to sign-up for the website, doing so gives us your contact information. Signing up is not necessary to access our content

Contacting Us

You can contact us at or through the contact page on our website. You can also message the facebook and instagram accounts. 

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